My work is about connections and attachment, with things, people and places. Starting with the idea of the thread, the line, the indication of a path, I explore relations and transformations. I am interested in creating linear fragments that evoke thoughts and associations through their materiality. I am exploring my subject by using or imitating qualities of fibers and through experimenting with electroforming. This is a process of building metal layer by layer onto a surface, a technique used to make a material stronger but which I use as a process of transformation.

In furthering my understanding of places and belonging, I am questioning how we define value. I am particularly interested in hair serving both as a material and for its connotations and associations. I question what is behind our reaction towards hair and why on the head hair defines ideas about attraction and beauty whereas when hair is no longer on the body we discard it as unwanted? Furthermore, even when on the body hair has to be in the right place. Could this idea be transposed into understanding the self in human relationships, is there a 'right' place for being?

Through my project I have been trying to answer these questions and as the title 'topologies' suggests this work is a study, of places, placing and belonging.