Photo by Dominic Tschudin 

Photo by Dominic Tschudin 

Photo by Dominic Tschudin 

Chosen object: Amulet, a sheep’s heart stuck with pins and nails as formerly used in South Devon for breaking evil spells.


Project in collaboration with the Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford. 

From the start of this project, what was important to me was investigating the nature of amulets. I wanted to understand the human need for giving meaning and power to objects, in the hope that they will mediate on our behalf.

It is interesting that even though we live in a rational scientific world, contemporary Western societies continue traditions of superstition and magical belief. I realised that although we can prove a lot of things as fact, we cannot predict what the future will bring and that is why people use the comfort of amulets.

All such objects are connected to our fears and the object I chose from the Pitt Rivers Collection involves especially the fear of loss. It made me reflect on my fear of being away from my homeland and the current financial and social crisis in Greece. It is this fear of the uncertainty of the future that has made many people leave their countries.

Amulets are a dipole, a separation of positive and negative charges: good and evil, security and danger, protection and fear. So if our home or homeland holds a sense of security does it also possess the potential for danger?